Rhinoplasty Istanbul

Because of the natural place of the nose, it’s on the centre of human face. Because of this reason when you are in a conversation with someone, the nose takes the all attention. If you have a nasal hump, a curvative, ptosis or smallness, the person you are on to may turn his/her eyes away and you feel annoyed. So that this cuts the communication. Because of that the nose is not only an organ but also it has a big importance for the person who has one of the nose disorders. It affects you as a social human being and your mental health. Rhinoplasty is an operation to shape or to reform the problematic
nose whose not happy with their nose forms. In these surgeries the problematic nose is given a shape and also if the patient have a health problem related to breathing, the process among to this health problem is solved in the surgery. In other words, the rhinoplasty is an operation for both esthetics and a functional surgery. On the contrary to beliefs, because of having a 3D form, rhinoplasty is the most difficult surgery among the face esthetics.

What Are The Important Points About Rhinoplasty?

Most of our patients think that:
“Natural beauty is better than the one who has esthetics.”
“It should look good, but people shouldn’t tell, that it’s rhinoplasty, by the time they look at me.”
“There is no one perfect nose form.”

The nose can be such a beautiful one as shape or form, but if it’s not proportional to the face, It looks unrelated. That’s why planning before the surgery is crucial. Definitely every patients’ special condition should be evaluated, and the nose should be made suitable to the face proportion. Before the surgery some procedures should be followed and some items should be determined such as; digital foto shoot, drawing some simulations on the computer environment, evaluating the form and quality of the skin on the nose. Sharing all these informations with the patients is
important before the surgery. “Working on respectfully.” Like all the surgeries the important point is; not to give any harm. The operation should be done clear and carefully while shaping, to not to weaken the bones and the cartilage. Who do need rhinoplasty? We can list the patients like: people who has genetic disorder or people having accidental disorder, people who is not happy with the form of the nose, people having breathing problems and the people who doesn’t have any disease. These patient group can have the surgery.
Remarkable issues before having the rhinoplasty
When you decide to have the surgery, you should search around and also there are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you really need the rhinoplasty?

Do you have any breathing problems?

Nowadays nearly all the search can be done on the internet but there are advantages of interviewing with some medical attendants. If you have an illness or regularly used medicine, or, if you smoke, you should share these with your medikal attendant definitely. If you smoke you have to quit it at least 2 weeks before the surgery, otherwise you may have healing problems.

How Long Does The Rhinoplasty Take?

After Rhinoplasty

Techniques of rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is done with general anesthesia. Generally it longs 2 to 2,5 hours. In the secondary and tertiary surgeries ( revision rhinoplasty) it may last longer because there is a possibility to need taking cartilage from ribs and ears.
One of the most asked question is that the surgery is an open one or closed one. The difference between the open surgery and the close surgery is a small cut under the nose. During healing time the operation scar gets almost invisible. The decision of surgery content is connected with the nose form and the medical attendant technique.
There is not a certain technique to apply everybody, because of this reason, the plan should be made individually and also the skin quality, the size of the nose, asymmetries should be taken into consideration. In the rhinoplasty surgeries, the cartilage tissue and the bone tissue is given a shape by paying attention to not to give any harm to the framework of the nose. It is planned that the skin on the nose will adjust with the new given form totally. Most of the surgeries the skin adjust perfectly with the new form of the nose but sometimes, especially if the skin is too pachys (thick) or the reduction ratio of the nose is too much, healing problems may be possible.
If the patient’s nasal septum is in the proper form and it’s beautiful but on the tip of the nose seem ptosis, this is called tip surgery. In these type of patients osteotomy is not needed, the operation is made by shaping the cartilage graft. Septal deviation is a curvative shape of a form which is a bone backside and cartilage tissue in front and also called nasal septum, so this curvature shape obstruct one of the nostril, and the patient can not breathe properly. If the nose form is proper, only the curvature of the nasal septum may be fixed. But if the shape of the nose is also problematic, during the rhinoplasty septal deviation may be reformed by the operation.

The Healing Process After The Rhinoplasty?

After Rhinoplasty

The patients should stay at the hospital that night after the surgery. A splint is placed on the nose to preserve the bone and the cartilage tissues which has given a new form in the surgery. Also a silicon tampon (which has a hole in the centre) is placed in the nose. Besides if the operation is an open one, there will be sutures on the nose. These sutures and the tampon is taken out 1 week later than the surgery. The silicon tampon is taken out easily because of its initial material,silicon. After the surgery, the edema and bruise around eyes are normal, during 2 days after the surgery, applying ice and using the bruise relief creams will help with this situation.
In recent years my patients does not experience bruise too much because of the development of the technology, the atraumatic techniques I use and the specific medicine I use during the surgery. The tampon helps you to breathe well and it enhance the quality of your life during the first week after the surgery. To decrease edema and bruise, your head should be at least 30 degrees high.
It’s not suggested to use glasses first 6 months after the surgery, but patients may use contact lenses the next day. Patients can have shower without wetting the splint. It will be appropriate to have a break to sports such as weightlifting for almost a month, but you may start walking as a sport in 2-3 days after the surgery.

What Are The Problems (Complications) That Patients May Face After The Rhinoplasty?

In the early period:
Bleeding: The bleeding is normal in the first 24-48 hours after the surgery, this bleeding may continue until 1 week by changing the color more lighter than the first bleedings.
Massive bleeding: We don’t need to interfere as long as the bleeding is
not stopping drippage type of bleeding. There are some ways which patients should use to stop increasing of bleeding by not using some medicine that increases the bleeding such as aspirin, not drinking herbal tea and putting your head up while sleeping.
Throbbings (hits): It is important to preserve yourself from throbbings in the early periods after the surgery. Slight throbbings may not cause a problem but severe throbbings may harm the tissue inside and may disfigure of the new form of the nose. On such an occasion you should inform your medical attendant urgently.
Infections: Infection is not a common situation, it is quite rare by the antibiotics given before and after the surgery.
In the late period: The most common problem, the shape of the nose does not look as required after the surgery. In general, we want our patients not to comment first 6 months. In the first 6 months edema and swelling may mislead us. Generally total healing period is at least 6 months.
At the end of 6 months edema and swelling regress and the shape of the new form settles. If there is a defect, it reveals in the 6. month. After this period patients are allowed to have the secondary surgeries called revision rhinoplasty if the skin is soft enough. Patients may experience loss of sense after the surgery but this situation is most likely temporary, and at the end of 6 months the sense returns.
In the first 3 months it is normal to have breathing problems after the surgery because the healing process have not ended yet. The breath problems may continue with some of the patients even if they have not had any breathing problem before the surgery. Both the edema in the nasal mucosa and the incrustation may cause breathing problems. In this period oil containing nasal sprays will be useful. But if the breathing problem still continues after 6 months, the drug medication is given for the problem because you may have an allergic diseases.

Rhinoplasty Cost

One of the most asked questions is the price of Rhinoplasty. We have to use the same procedure by deciding the operation details. First the doctor has to
see the nose, it’s better for both of the doctor and the patient to talk about and offer price after checking.


Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty is a term about rhinoplasty surgery for the patients who had surgery before. The result of the rhinoplasty can be