Revision Rhinoplasty Istanbul

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty is a term about rhinoplasty surgery for the patients who had surgery before.

The result of the rhinoplasty can be discouraging when one doesn’t satisfy by the look of the nose after the surgery. It’s understandable that these people feel hesitation to decide a new surgery also these people feel distrust towards their medical attendants, then they start to look for a doctor who has more experience.

Revision rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries and an experienced professional should be chosen for this operation. Revision rhinoplasty can involve procedures in a wide range of complexity. A least complex procedure like the correction of a small irregularity on the dorsum or a more complex one like the reconstruction of nasal cartilage from costal cartilage can be involved in a revision rhinoplasty depending on the problem. For this reason, one should keep this in mind: “Every patient is precious and results may be variable by
personal differences.”

How Do We Do The Revision Rhinoplasty?

As a professional I prefer open technique in secondary rhinoplasty surgeries, because disorders in the nasal cartilage, deformity of the nose have to be evaluated completely and also properly. When the skin on the nose removed the nasal cartilage and the bone tissue below the skin can be seen clearly, after this we operate according to the present disorder. For instance if there is a deviation or bulge in the nasal dorsal cartilage, only minor revision can be sufficient. But sometimes the nasal cartilage can be taken redundantly in the previous surgeries, so that we may need to take cartilage graft from the ribs to strengthen the nose.
Otherwise, warpings and bendings can arise on the cartilage piece, in these cases it is crucial to shape the taken cartilage graft properly. Furthermore, the graft edges should be thinned properly, if not they can be apparent. Sometimes the nose form stays strong but on the tip of the nose or in the nasal septum, ptosis is possible. In such cases if cartilaginous tissue is not enough inside the nose, it is possible taking it from ears.

Healing Process After The Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

The patients that have been taken cartilage of their ribs’ recovery time isn’t longer than the other patients. In other words, there is not any difference
between these two types of patients’ recovery times. To take cartilage from the ribs, we make a 2-4 cm cut then sufficient amount of cartilage is taken. That is to say splitting cartilage from the upper part (partially) is enough commonly, in this case the possibility of complication is decreased. In the first 2 days, patients may feel some pain, except this we don’t expect any pains.

How Long Does The Revision Rhinoplasty Take?

The period is variable between the patients having revision rhinoplasty and the patients having the first rhinoplasty. The revision rhinoplasty may take a long time than the primary rhinoplasty surgery. It is also variable about the operation details but the average period is 2-5 hours.

When Should I Have The Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Theoretically, if you have your last surgery 6 months ago, you can have the revision rhinoplasty. Still the decision should be given after the check because the healing process is variable from person to person. If the skin on the nasal tip is soft enough and mobile, you can have the surgery.

How Many Revision Rhinoplasty Can I Have Furthest?

We can not answer this question directly, but we can say that; it depends on your nose skin. If the skin on the nose is suitable you can have the surgery. But if you smoke, it may be risky even in the 2nd revision rhinoplasty, because of this reason, if you are thinking this operation (revision rhinoplasty) seriously, you have to quit this addiction.

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost

One of the most asked questions is the price of this surgery. We have to use the same procedure by deciding the operation details. First the doctor has to
see the nose, it’s better for both of the doctor and the patient to talk about and offer price after checking.



Because of the natural place of the nose, it’s on the centre of human face. Because of this reason when you are in a conversation with someone, the nose takes the all attention. If you have a nasal hump, a curvative, ptosis or smallness, the person you are on to may turn his/her eyes away and you feel annoyed.