PRP Istanbul

What is PRP?

PRP is a non-surgical hair treatment.

How to treat PRP?

The PRP treatment is based on a special process by taking patient’s blood and the blood is transferred into Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), after this process it is given to the hairy skin. This blood plasma is rich in platelet cells. These platelet cells are not only effective on healing wound but also they are used in hair treatment. Besides it is used in orthopedics.

PRP Istanbul

The PRP treatment is an alternative hair booster treatment for woman and man of all ages. The PRP treatment can be supported by mesotherapy which is prepared by personal content.


Hair Transplantation by Fue Method

The most developed and the most common method is Fue method. The FUE method, also called the golden method, offers opportunity to the patient to look natural. The differences between the Fue method and the other methods are, during the treatment the FUE method is more invisible and the FUE
method’s healing process is shorter than the other methods.