Prominent Ear Operation

Prominent Ear Operation Istanbul

The most prevalent problem about the ears is the prominent ear defect. The main problem here is the weakness of the cartilage. As the conclusion of this problem, the ear doesn’t curl and they open to sides.

The prominent ear defect is an inborn situation, because of this reason group of patients coming to solve this problem are students. During this time, the prominent ear problem can be a standing joke, as a result this affects their school success and their relationship with others significantly. It is better to have this operation when the child is six years old (before starting to school). But of course in adult years you can have prominent ear operation.

The Surgery

The prominent ear operation is applied under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. There are variable techniques used according to the ear’s situation. If only the problem is flattening cartilage and opening to the sides, we can solve this problem only by making a small cut behind the ear and with some stitching techniques. But in addition to these the concha can be too big. In this situation stitching will not be enough, we should take some small parts out when we cut but there is a possibility to have weakness of cartilage after this operation. To block this possibility I use a technique that I invented and it is published one of the most prestigious medical science magazines ( I should add a link here. But I cannot find it.) This technique includes cutting and separating concha in two parts and without taking any parts out, the plastic surgeon gets them together to make concha smaller. As a result of this the technique is not only blocking the weakness of the cartilage, but also it strengthens the cartilage.

After the surgery the patients have to wear a bandanna ,used by athletes generally, for three weeks, and because of the surgery scar is behind of the ear it is not visible. This surgery is quite an easy one but it has big effects on the patients emotional. It is better to have the surgery when the patient is younger because the results will be better, but adults can have the operation easily.



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