Breast reduction

Breast reduction İstanbul

The breast reduction is one of the most applied surgeries in the cosmetic surgery. If your breast size damaging your lifestyle, or it affects your clothing choice you should apply to a plastic surgeon. According to patients age there are some tests such as mammary ultrasonography and mammography before the surgery, if the test results are desirable, with the help of the plastic surgeon, the planning procedure starts.

Who can have the breast reduction operation?

(*) If breasts are big in proportion of the body form and this annoys the patients,
(*)And there is a disproportion among the two breasts ( if one breast is bigger than the other, or one is smaller than the other),
(*)If there are too much flabbiness on the nipples,
But most of the patients complaints are pains on the belly, on the back and on the shoulders and having intertrigo ( nappy nash) under the breasts. Or sometimes only the size annoys the patients as the dressing style and effects self confidence, In all these situations you may choose to have the breast reduction operation.

When can you have the breast reduction operation?

If the mammal growing is completed, theoretically if the patient is older than eighteen years old, they can have the breast reduction operation. but if the patient is married and you are planning to have a child, it will be better to delay it. Because the hormones during pregnancy directly affects breasts and overgrowth can be observable, also in the breast-feeding process and after this process breasts get smaller and the patients may have hangings on the breasts.
Whether the patient smoking addiction or having a kronical disease and using permanent pills are examined before the surgery. As usual, the patient should stop smoking at least three weeks before the surgery and also the patient shouldn’t smoke after the surgery.

The surgery

Breast reduction surgery is applied under general anesthesia, between the nipples and under the breast there can be a vertical surgery scar, or between nipples and under the breasts there can be a shape like a reverse T. Breast reduction is one of the most painless surgeries in the cosmetic surgery. Generally the patient stays only one night at the hospital, then the other day the patient is discharged. The patient is given some creams to use which helps with the surgery scars, these creams make the surgery scar nearly visible. the patient can start the sports such as walking right after the surgery. Most of the patients can go back to the work after a week or ten days. The patients have to use a special bra supplied by us for at least six weeks.

Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation surgery is applied to to the patients who has undersized breasts, the patients who gave birth and breast-fed, or to the patients who lost too much weight. In this operation we use silicons called breast implants. According to the occasion fat injection may be used in the operation. The patients who has undersized breasts situation, it is enough to put breast implants, but the patients who gave birth or lost too much weight, we may need breast lifting besides breast augmentation cause hangings are common on these patient groups.

Everyone’s rib cages and anatomic forms are different than the others, because of that reason using the same type silicons (breast implants) for all kind of patients will not give a nice and natural result. For this reason a detailed examination needs to be done, then according to this the silicon (breast implants) is chosen together with the patient and the plastic surgeon.

Who can have the breast augmentation surgery?

If the patient complains of littleness of her breasts, if the good breasts are spoiled after giving birth of if the patient lost too much weight and because of that the breasts got smaller, if the patient have self confidence problem, the patient can have the breasts augmentation surgery.

What are the things to take into account while choosing the silicons (breast implants)?

Silicons (breast implants) can be in a drop shape or in a circle shape; the surface of the silicon can be rough or smooth; the inside of the silicons can be filled by serum or by a silicone gel. While there are many types and many sizes of silicons, how do the plastic surgeon decide of choosing the proper one? the anatomic form of the rib cage, the settlement of the breasts, place of nipples, shoulder width, soft tissue thickness are quite important while choosing the right silicon. In accordance with the evaluations before the surgery and the patient desires, the right silicons (breast implants) are chosen and placed on the breasts.

The Surgery

Breast augmentation surgeries are applied under general anesthesia, according to the patient’s soft tissue thickness the silicons (breast implants) are placed under the muscles or on the muscles. the plastic surgeon places the silicons (breast implants) through a cut from the nipple area or from under the breasts. the patient need to stay at the hospital one night, the next day the patient can be discharged, if the silicons (breast implants) placed under muscles, at least one month the patient cannot swim or do weighty sports; if the patient smokes, she has to stop smoking.

The silicons (breast implants) are naturally a foreign materials in the body, on natural principle the body covers silicons (breast implants) by a film called capsula. This is a natural form. But on some occasions the capsula may get thick and firm and it can be handled, and also it may cause pain. In these type of situations, it is needed to take the silicons (breast implants) out and to place new silicons.

Breast Lifting

Breast lifting is a surgery to give a good shape to the breasts which are ptotic (hanging) growing and deformed. Actually the breast lifting procedure resembles breast reduction surgery but in breast lifting surgery the plastic surgeon doesn’t take any tissue out only he/she gives the breasts a new and better look and removes hangings. If the volume of the breasts is low, while the operation the plastic surgeon may place silicons.

The breast lifting surgery is applied under general anesthesia, between the nipples and under the breast there can be a vertical surgery scar, or between nipples and under the breasts there can be a shape like a reverse T. But the scar will be smaller in the breast lifting operation because the plastic surgeon doesn’t take any tissue out.

The general principles are the same with the breast reduction surgery, For six weeks the patients should wear special bra, and the patients are suggested to use creams for surgery scars, if the silicons are also placed with the breast lifting surgery, at least one month the patient cannot do weighty sports.



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