Laser Liposuction (Vaser/Laser liposuction)

Liposuction is a method breaking regional fats and taking them out by using thin cannulas. It is said to all patients coming for interview that liposuction is not a method to lose weight, if you are in your ideal weight even if you do sports or diets when you cannot lose any weight; the liposuction helps you to shape your body.

The liposuction can be applied to the patients who cannot lose weight no matter they do sports or diets. It is suggested to have liposuction in younger ages, because the skin form feature is important on the result directly. The results will be quite satisfied with the skin types having enough elasticity, but if the elasticity is not ideal the plastic surgeon may combine two surgeries in one operation ( liposuction and lifting surgeries).

Before the surgery

As usual the patient have to stop smoking at least three weeks before the surgery, and the patient have to stop blood thinners one week ago. It is also suggested to not to drink herbal tea. ( Because herbal tea may cause too much bleeding.)

The surgery

The liposuction is applied under general anesthesia except for applying it to quite small areas. While breaking fat to decrease bleeding and to make the operation easier local anaesthetic solutions are given to the operation areas then with the help of small canullas, that are put on two to four millimetres cuts, the fat is broken and the fat is taken out by a special contrivance. While applying this method the Vaser technique, which is a method including laser and ultrasonic waves, can be included to the operation.

After the surgery

In general, it is enough to stay only one night at the hospital. After the surgery, a special corset is clothed on the patient, it is suggested to use this corset for four to six weeks. In the first days after the operation, it is normal to have leakage and to get dressing dirty, but these problems get decreased and totally will be gone in the first week. To see the real result water retention should be decreased completely and this process may take four to six months.


Laser Liposuction

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