Blepharoplasty is a surgery used for prolapses (hangings) around eyes and bags under eyes comprised by the older ages. Although it is said that these problems are comprise according to the age, It is also possible to have these problems in the early ages according to one’s genotype and anatomical features. The eyelid (palpebra) skin is the thinnest skin on the human body and in most of the cases it can be combined with face-lift surgeries.

In general, Blepharoplasty is a surgery preferred by people above 40 years of age. But the blepharoplasty can be applied in early ages according to the reasons above.

Before The Surgery

The supraorbital area should be evaluated with one’s forehead and the midface. For instance if the patients having ptosis on their eyebrows have the only upper eyelid operation, soon the ptosis on the eyebrows will decrease and the patients cannot get the proper and required result. If the patients, having prolapses on their midface, have only lower eyelid surgery,as a conclusion the patient cannot get the required result. Because of this reason the problematic areas should be evaluated all together and if needed they should be combined. Yet you should quit smoking at least three weeks before the surgery and if you take blood thinners, you should stop taking them at least a week before the surgery.

The Surgery

First of all, for the upper eyelid, the doctor makes a cut on the upper lid crease, than the unneeded skin and herniated fat are taken out. For the lower eyelid, the doctor makes the same type of cut just below the eyelash level and, as the same the unneeded skin and the fat causes bags under eyes are taken out, if needed the facelift operation can be done at the same time. Sometimes, especially in the younger ages, the patient may only have bags under eyes but they don’t have unneeded skin, in such cases the operation gets done by taking the fat causing bags from a small cut in the eye.

After The Surgery

The patients may be discharged from the hospital in the same day if the operation includes only blepharoplasty. The skin around eyes is quite thin and sensitive so that we expect purpleness and swelling around the area. You are offered to apply ice to the area first day after the surgery. It is expected that the ecchymoses and swelling will be decreased in a week. You can go back to work in seven to ten days.



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