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Assoc. Prof. Dr Memet Yazar was born in Kars in 1975. After he graduated from Kars Industrial Vocational High School, he studied Medical Faculty of Atatürk University. In his childhood years he worked with his father in their woodshop, by this time he was in the industrial high school, so that his handicraft development was inevitable. He decided to study esthetics as he thought that is the most suitable branch for his development and his dreams. He studied the exam TUS ( it’s the examination for specialty in medicine ) he passed the exam and he was accepted to his 1st preference İstanbul Medical Faculty which is one of the leading institutions of the medical field. He studied his speciality in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department in İstanbul Medical Faculty.
During his residency, he found a technique on the prominent ear surgery then he won a prize for being the first place in the competition of residency which is coordinated by the Association of Turkish Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, thus this technique was published one of the leading international journals. He finalised his microsurgery course successfully in Zurich-Switzerland. Following 9 years, soon after he finished his residency, he worked in the plastic surgery clinic of Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital. He worked for 6 months in St George’s Hospital in London. In 2018 he qualified to take the degree of associate professor. Beside having 35 article published in international medical scientific journals, he has several articles published in national medical scientific journals.
Assoc. Prof. Dr Memet Yazar is interested in art which is painting and sculpture. He is an advanced user of the drawing instruments such as Photoshop and 3D Max, all the drawings used in his articles and congress presentations belong to Assoc. Prof. Dr Memet Yazar. In the medical literature, there are more than hundred illustrations about microsurgery, plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery.




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