Gynecomastia Istanbul

In the recents years gynecomastia ( growing breast as woman type in the man’s body) is a quite frequent disease. If one has this problem recently urgently you should see a professional except of infancy, puberty or old age years. The reasons causing this problem should be examined, we can list these reasons as: some pills, hormonal changes, taking hormones, some kinds of cancer types may cause gynecomastia.

Who can have the gynecomastia surgery?

If someone has gynecomastia disease, you should be examined by a endocrinologist to understand whether or not you have hormonal changes or underlying disease. If not, you can have surgeries.

Before the surgery

A detailed physical examination and mammary ultrasonography have to be done before the surgery. In the result of these examinations it can be understood that if there is breast tissue or if the breast is rich of fat. This is an important detail, because the surgery technique will be decided according to those results. If the breast doesn’t have breast tissue and it is rich of fat, the liposuction may be enough. But if the breast tissue is much ( amount of like a woman has), the liposuction cannot be enough alone. The doctor makes a small cut under the nipples and they take out the unneeded tissue and fat in the breasts.

In some cases, especially if the patient lost plenty of weight, if the patients have unneeded skin on their bodies, so that to take out the unneeded skin, the doctor makes a small cut from the sulcus of the lower part of the breast.

Some points are quite important before having this surgery, if you use blood thinners or if you smoke or if you have any disease, you are to share this with your plastic surgeon.

The Surgery

The techniques are decided and drawings are made before the surgeries according to the examinations and evaluations. The gynecomastia surgery is done under general anesthesia. The process varies according to the techniques in the surgery, but generally the gynecomastia surgery takes one to three hours. No matter which technique is used, all the patients wear corset for six weeks.

After the surgery, it is enough to stay only that one night in the hospital. You can go back to work in a week, and you can start sports in three or four weeks.



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